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Over 12 weeks, students will delve into the world of animation, mastering the 12 principles of animation. You'll learn to craft captivating characters and awesome environments. By the course's end, you'll proudly showcase your skills in a demo reel video, highlighting your artistic journey and newfound animation expertise.

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2D Animation
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Week 1: Introduction to Animation Basics

  • Understanding the principles of animation
  • Introduction to different animation techniques (2D, 3D, stop motion)
  • Exploring basic tools and software for animation

Week 2: Creative Expression Through Animation

  • Expressing creativity and imagination through cartoon creation
  • Learning to visualize ideas and concepts in a visual medium
  • Experimenting with different styles and themes for creative expression

Week 3: Developing Storytelling Skills

  • Understanding the fundamentals of storytelling in animation
  • Crafting engaging narratives and characters
  • Exploring storyboarding techniques to plan animations effectively

Week 4: Enhancing Visual Communication

  • Developing skills in visual communication through animation
  • Exploring visual storytelling techniques
  • Learning to convey emotions, actions, and ideas effectively through visuals

Week 5: Problem-Solving in Animation

  • Overcoming artistic challenges and problem-solving creatively
  • Understanding the iterative nature of animation production
  • Developing critical thinking skills through troubleshooting animation issues

Week 6: Refining Artistic Skills

  • Improving drawing, coloring, and design skills for animation
  • Experimenting with different artistic styles and techniques
  • Applying artistic skills to create visually appealing animations


Week 7: Exploring Cultural Themes

  • Creating cartoons that explore diverse cultural themes and perspectives
  • Fostering cultural awareness and empathy through animation
  • Celebrating diversity through character design and storytelling

Week 8: Introduction to Digital Tools and Software

  • Gaining digital literacy skills through animation software
  • Learning the basics of using digital tools for animation production
  • Exploring the features and functionalities of popular animation software

Week 9: Developing Technology Proficiency

  • Building technical proficiency in using animation software and tools
  • Understanding the role of technology in animation production
  • Exploring advanced features and techniques in animation software

Week 10: Cultivating Patience and Persistence

  • Understanding the iterative nature of animation production
  • Practicing patience and perseverance in overcoming animation challenges
  • Learning the importance of revision and refinement in creating animations

Week 11: Fostering Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Collaborating with classmates on group animation projects
  • Practicing teamwork and communication skills in animation production
  • Learning to appreciate the value of collective creativity and input.

Week 12: Celebrating Achievements and Self-Esteem

  • Completing and showcasing individual and group animation projects
  • Receiving feedback and constructive criticism from peers and instructors
  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence through the recognition of achievements

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