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Create Captivating Animations

Unlock your creative potential at out Tech Lab where students will learn animation, cartoon design, and video game development.

Dear Families,

We are excited to introduce our comprehensive 12-week course, designed to foster learning and growth in a structured environment. Here are the key details of the course structure:

Course Duration:

The course spans 12 weeks, ensuring ample time for in-depth learning and skill development.

Class Schedule:

Classes are held Monday through Friday, with each class lasting 2 hours. This schedule is crafted to fit conveniently into your child's weekly routine.

Class Selection:

 At the outset, students must choose a class for a specific day of the week (Monday to Friday). It's important to note that once a class day is chosen, the student is committed to attending that specific class on the same day each week for the entire 12-week period. This consistency aids in creating a stable learning environment and enables better planning for both students and instructors.

Class Capacity:

Each class is limited to 16 students. This size ensures that each student receives individual attention while also benefiting from the dynamics of group learning.

Daily Class Options:

To accommodate different schedules and preferences, there are two classes available each day. This flexibility allows you to choose the most convenient time slot for your child.

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We believe this structured yet flexible approach provides an optimal learning environment. Your child will benefit from consistent, focused instruction while also having the ability to select the class that best fits their schedule.


Cartoon Character Creation

Unleash your creativity and learn the Art of cartoon character design. Join our intensive 12 week program and master the techniques used by professional animations.
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Virtual Reality Gaming Workshops

Explore the exciting world of virtual reality gaming in our weekend workshop. Learn game design principles and create your own immersive experiences.
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Video Game Development

Dive into the world of video game development with our 12 week program where students create games without coding! Students get to work on templates and make their own versions of popular mobile games.
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Animation Studio Internship Program

Gain real-world experience and enhance your animation skills with our internship program. Collaborate with industry professionals on various animation projects.
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Leah Stevens

Alanis Davila

My time with QUED-UP has been incredibly enriching. Here I’ve gained not only the skills to make myself valuable in the workplace but the confidence to accomplish new things. Q has served as a mentor, always guiding and advising me when I hit a wall and don’t know how to proceed. It’s his trust and confidence in me what allows me to give work my all without fear of failure. The positive environment and the support received as well as the dedication put into every task is what makes QUED-UP stand out from any other working experience I’ve had. 

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  • 12 Week Game Jam Saturdays


    Students enrolled in this 12 week program are given the opportunity to play games and enjoy a community of peers. Students will explore VR, games and new technology. Saturdays various time slots

      Benefits of this program:

      • Social Interaction
      • Teamwork and Collaboration
      • Communication Skills
      • Problem-Solving
      • Healthy Competition
      • Stress Relief
      • Learning Opportunities
      • Bonding Experience
      • A Sense of Belonging
      • Diverse Perspectives
      • Improved Coordination
      • Entertainment Value

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  • 12 Week Character & Cartoon Design 


    Students enrolled in this 12 week program are given instruction on creating cartoons and 2D Animation. Monday-Friday, 4-6

    Benefits of this program:

    • Creative Expression
    • Storytelling Skills
    • Visual Communication
    • Problem-Solving
    • Artistic Skills
    • Technology Proficiency
    • Patience and Persistence
    • Collaboration
    • Self-Esteem Boost
    • Multimodal Learning
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Future Career Opportunities
    • Digital Literacy
    • Fun and Enjoyment

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  • 12 Week No Code Video Game Design


    Students enrolled in this 12 week program are given instruction on creating video games . Monday-Friday, 6-8

    Benefits of this program:

    • Creative Outlet
    • Problem-Solving Skills
    • Critical Thinking
    • Programming Knowledge
    • Teamwork and Collaboration
    • Logical and Algorithmic Thinking
    • Patience and Perseverance
    • Design and Artistic Skills
    • Digital Literacy
    • Future Career Opportunities
    • Enhanced Focus and Concentration
    • Fun and Enjoyment
    • Interactive Learning
    • Game Testing and Analysis
    • Understanding Technology

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