Shop for a Cause

Welcome to 'Shop for a Cause' – where every purchase you make supports the students of QUED-UP, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering the next generation of artists and creatives. Browse our unique collection of products, knowing that 100% of the proceeds will fund educational programs, resources, and mentorship opportunities for aspiring young talents. With each item, you're not just shopping; you're investing in the future of creativity. Join us in nurturing tomorrow's artists and make a real difference today.
Spark Badge
Spark ($5-10):

Light a spark of creativity in a young artist.

Empower Badge
Empower ($15-25):
Empower a student with access to advanced training.
Mentor Badge
Mentor ($50-100):
Become a mentor by supporting a student's artistic journey.
Inspire ($250+):
Inspire the next generation of artists with your generous contribution.
Visionary Badge
Visionary ($1000+):
Be a visionary leader in shaping the future of art education.